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The Shape-Shifter's Wife Review

"The Shape-Shifter's Wife is a story of love lost, love found, and the enduring nature of love. The story takes you on an adventure from present day San Francisco to the Russian River in the 1840s to the mystical mythology of the Native Americans and the brutal clash of cultures. A story to warm your heart and boil your blood." -- Reverend Evelyn Hall, Leader of Women's Vision Quests and Sacred Circles     
Carolyn Radmanovich won the President's Choice in Visionary Fiction from Independent Book Awards for The Shape-Shifter's Wife. Independent Book Awards is a prestigious contest, and it recognizes some of the most entertaining and interesting books of the year, written by authors based anywhere around the world.

The Shape-Shifter's Wife

World weary, despondent and widowed, Angelica, an anthropology professor from  the University of San Francisco, takes a trip to heal her soul. While canoeing on the Russian River, she collides with a submerged tree and becomes pinned underwater where she has a near-death experience. The Shape-Shifter’s Wife tells the story of how Angelica, transported to California’s Gold Rush era in 1848, meets a handsome Frenchman shackled with a family curse, and an Indian medicine man who is compelled to reveal a prophecy that will change her life.