I'm excited to announce I have been adding to my Youtube channel. Check it out at Fascinated by the Tree of Life, so I have a video where I explore my favorite oaks, and discuss the ancient trees being mysterious and being a balance between the spiritual world as the branches reach to the heavens and the roots toward the material world.  In the Tree of Death video, I discuss my almost drowning in the Russian River and how it influenced my writing. I am slowly adding hiking videos. Nothing gets me as charged as going into the woods and exploring.

The Gypsy's Warning

In The Fall of 1995, Heather learns through a mysterious letter that her sister, Angelica, time-traveled to 1849, and with nothing holding her in current day California, Heather sets out in search of Angelica. When she reaches Angelica’s rancho, she learns that her sister has fled to Monterey to escape from violence of two thugs, Joseph and Texas Jack. Her journey finds her challenged with dangerous animals and an even more dangerous romance. As she waits for a ship to take her to Monterey, she meets Dr. David Robertson and falls in love. A twentieth century independent woman, Heather learns she must face situations unfamiliar to her as a nineteenth century woman. As Heather deals with harrowing circumstances that seem to embrace her, she meets a Gypsy palm reader from San Francisco’s Chilecito District who warns her about an unexpected journey an impending danger for her and her new sweetheart. And her new odyssey begins... Check out at Amazon.
The corn woman represents women storytellers giving traditional tales to children and adults. These might include stories of transformation, wisdom, inspiration, and magic. The use of corn in the image represents her power to feed life-giving sustenance to her people. (From the personal collection of Carolyn Radmanovich.) For a good read on the power of transformation and magic, click here. 

Book Reading at Savvy Cafe

Come and hear a 'bevy' of local Northern California authors, including ME, as we share a glimpse of our latest masterpieces! A chance to purchase the latest books at sale prices from the talented authors. Where: Savvy Cafe, 9630 Bruceville Rd #104, Elk Grove, CA 95757 When: Sunday, January 19th, 4-7 pm.

The Bear

Bear is known for its healing powers, strength, and courage. The arrow heartline on the bear begins at the mouth where the breath starts and points to the soul, the place of faith and inner strength. This bear is from the personal collection of Carolyn Radmanovich. For a gripping story on Native American spirituality with time travel to the California gold rush of 1848 read The Shape-Shifter’s Wife.
The new book in the Shape-Shifter's Wife series will be out shortly. The Gypsy's Warning is about Angelica's sister, Heather, who time travels to be with her, but discovers finding her is not as easy as she thought.
Since my library shelves are always overflowing, I looked for books to give my sister and the local library. Invariably, when I do something altruistic, life gives me a gift. My Kindle had been missing for over a year, and I found it! I am thrilled.